Update Complete: Let's Do This Thing, new skin, new ad, new plot
 Posted: Oct 20 2012, 4:06 PM

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Okay, barring small issues with the skin, it's finished. We have a new ad, a new trailer, the forums and categories have been updated. I'd say that our pre-anniversary cleanup is done. So, next steps?

First, let the advertising bonanza begin. Our new ad is up and ready for distribution. Please, take it and spread it to any sites you play on, any sites you see that look cool, anywhere you think we might find awesome people to play with. I'll think of some nifty thing to do to thank anyone who goes above and beyond the call with this, but the best way to help promote the site is just to get out and advertise it, maybe talk it up to your favorite players on other sites.

Second, our Halloween plot. We're not actually doing a party this year, I thought we'd have a disaster instead. Because really, what's more fun? Standing around drinking wine and bitching about people? Or dodging bullets, cops, and falling masonry?

The setup is this: On Halloween night, Neil Gaiman will be giving a reading from his upcoming novel at the U-Dub campus. It's an open event, anybody who wants to pay the five dollar admission is welcome to attend and get a sneak-peek of this mysterious new book.

Any character can attend the event, but let's at least try not to have the entire population of Seattle's monster community there? Pick a couple of characters to go and trust that I'll think up new fun violence soon enough to give your other folks a turn at the drama.

The plot thread(s) will start up on Tuesday, so you've got a little time to decide, find a date, what have you. This should be a fairly lighthearted plot, as violent disasters go, and will probably wrap around the end of the month.

And that's all. Have fun, kids, and don't forget to advertise.

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