Boxing Day News, a few updates
 Posted: Dec 26 2011, 11:19 AM

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As the holiday season calms down a little, look for things to start changing slightly here on All Souls' Night. The admins are working to expand the documentation somewhat, concentrating on the documents having to do with each character class. If you find that something goes up that specifically contradicts what you've got set up in an already-accepted character, please contact Briar about it but chances are we'll just grandfather you in.

Also, shortly after the New Year look for the first boardwide plot to begin. There's a group of well-meaning but ridiculously naive human college students who are discussing raising awareness of the lycanthrope plight by randomly infecting humans. At the moment, they're just an area of possible concern, being watched by some of the groups. When they finally start acting on their ideals look for some serious chaos around Seattle.

I'm still looking for somebody willing to commit to being our advertising mod. To maintain our ad forum and go out and actively post ASN's ad on directories and other sites. I'm willing to offer....something in return for taking on this position. Make me an offer. You want a batch of cookies in the mail? A letter of recommendation for college? A character outside the accepted character classes? Hit me up by PM or IM and we'll talk.

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