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 Posted: May 26 2012, 12:44 PM

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It's come up a couple of times that we might want to put up a FAQ document for All Souls' Night. So, as I am a slave to your whims, I've started working on a list of questions and answers.

But hey, it's not really a Frequently Asked Questions list unless it's got questions people actually ask. So reply to this thread with questions you would have liked answered in the lore or rules when you were first signing up, or questions you've asked or answered since coming here. I'll wrap them into the FAQ and it will all be just that much more awesome. Which is always our goal, right?

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Shane Winthrop
 Posted: Jun 6 2012, 9:11 PM

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Well...since you seemed so bummed no one was asking questions...here's some of mine:

1. Why don't these vampires sparkle?

2. Was Shiloh always that small or did she get some form of vampire osteoporosis?

3. Does Lucien's hair defy gravity?

4. When Dante and Indiana make out, do they make each other sick?

5. If I spit of the Empire State Building, how fast will it go?

6. What is the average number of times a teenage boy masturbates?

7. What is the average number of times Garrett threatens to shoot someone?

8. Does Ash get heartburn? If so, is it second or third degree?

9. Can Eli hear his own thoughts? If so, do they echo?

10. Can you guess what number I'm thinking?

11. Are you wanting to kill me?

12. Are you laughing at the stupidity of these questions?

13. When Ashton is in wolf form, does he lick himself?

Okay...my brain has fried...hope you enjoy!

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 Posted: Jun 6 2012, 11:39 PM

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1. Can you explain in detail how alpha/dominant/submissive works? What's the difference between say a weak-dominant and a strong submissive? Or a weak alpha and a strong dominant? Are there three levels inside each level? (Weak/mid/strong?)

2. Are the leadership systems for all the shifter groups the same? Or do they differentiate based on group?

3. How exactly does Pomme work?

4. Why is it that no one questions the validity of leadership when one person walks in and kills the previous King or whatever?

5. What is the point of the Temoin position when there's already a Master of the City?

6. What is the ardeur exactly? And how does it work?

7. How does one 'move up' in power as a shifter? Are there specific signs or a ritual or does it just happen?

8. How does one become a Master Vampire? Again, signs/ritual/just happen?

9. How do powers work for Vampires? As in, some vampires who are not Masters have powers and Masters seem to have more. Is there a generic list of powers every vampire can have? Or is it specific to their bloodline?

10. How is the line between Master and non-Master drawn? This relates to the above question about powers. As in, are there powers that only Masters have or are they generally just more powerful?

11. How does the relationship between a vampire and it's Maker or Sire work? Do they have to obey without question or is it more like a human parent-child relationship?

12. What would happen if, say, a swan and a rat were to have kids? Can they have kids?

13. Now, just for curiosity's sake, what exactly is created when a young male vampire creates a child with a human?

For now that's all I can think of, some of them are a little out there. I'll try to think if I can't remember other questions I've thought of and/or asked.

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