Moore, Bailey
Bailey Moore
 Posted: Feb 16 2013, 11:10 PM

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Bailey Anne Moore

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Psychic . 18 . Prostitute

Who are you?
    Who do you want me to be? Oh, fine. I’m Bailey. That’s all you need to know. Oh, yer gonna pay me? Fine, whatta ya wanna know? ‘Bout me? Okay, I can do that. I’m a fuckin’ whore is what I am. I’m eighteen, been on the streets since I was fourteen. Home life sucked balls. Try having parents that are fucking scared of you and think you’re fuckin’ possessed or some shit. Ma thought I had the devil inside me, Da tried to beat it out of me, locked me in a room and fuckin’ starved me. Said I was fasting fer the lord or some shit. What? You wanna know why? Fuck you. That’s why. Fine. I told them how they were gonna die. I told them when. I told them when gran was gonna die. I told them when my big brother was gonna die. And I was right. Okay. Gran died from the fuckin’ nurse in the home givin’ her the wrong medicine. Fuckin’ called it. Big brother, Kyle, died in a car crash day ‘fore his birthday. Fuckin’ called it. So fuck you. No I am not fuckin’ tellin’ you how you’re gonna die. I keep all that shit to myself. No one wants to know that shit. So I fuckin’ left. Drugs help. Can’t see shit as clear. Doesn’t seem to work so well when I’m high, and I like it that way. So I ran away, lived on the streets. Fucked people for a place to stay and drugs, then started doin’ it for money. Natural fuckin’ progression.

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What do you want?
    What do I want? The fuck is that supposed to mean? Can’t you tell I’m livin’ the fuckin’ dream? I’m my own fuckin’ boss. Set my own fuckin’ hours. What the fuck more you want? Oh, you mean that existential bull shit. Well you
    ain’t payin’ me enough to get that much of an answer. So fuck off. Oh. More money. Fine. I want this fuckin’ shit gone. I don’t want to know when and how people are gonna die. I don’t want to see everything decay around me. I don’t want that fuckin’ shit.

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Why are you here?
    More existential bullshit? Jesus fuckin’ Christ. Okay, fine. Ma and Da fucked and nine fuckin’ months later here I fuckin’ am. Oh fuck me. You want more. Fine. I fuckin’ ran away, okay? Better than being at home. Ran away right after my big brother died. He was the only person ever looked out for me. He was the only person that told me there was nothin’ wrong with me. Then he fuckin’ died and I fuckin’ called it. That sent my parents over the edge. They fuckin’ flipped. Gran was bad enough, but Kyle? He was their favorite. He was mine, too. Da beat me fuckin’ bloody. Ma brought in a priest. You don't want to know what they did. I’ve still got fuckin’ scars.

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Where are you going?
    I don’t fuckin’ know. Why the fuck you need to know all this existential bull shit, anyway? I’m goin’ back to my office. Might try for some vamp’s in the vampire district. They’ll pay a bunch to get high. Some of my best fuckin’ clients. I don’t see them decay, neither. I see when and how they died, and sometimes I can see what their lives would have been. They’re easier to look at than anyone else.

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 Posted: Feb 16 2013, 11:34 PM

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