Dante's Kids, Work in progress
 Posted: Apr 28 2012, 3:54 PM

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Sheridan-415, Dragon Line. One of Shiloh's adoptiees from years ago. He was brought into Seattle at the request of it's Master to help settle matters in Cal. Once things started to settle down. Sheridan decided to stay, and make Seattle his base opernation to expand his music record label to the Untied States.

Charming, implusive, slightly arrogant, easying going for the most part. Since marrying Cynthia and further planning for the future. Sheridan sees that its time to change his ways. Become more mature in areas in his left untouched in his life.

Married his new fox servant Cynthia, and dating his Pomme a witch named Aria. While discovering his untapped powers as a Master Vampire, and training a new Vampire named Nick.

Seeking: Seeking the companship and knowledge of other Masters of his line. Along with other Master Vampires. Sheridan is looking forward to meeting others; his been locked away too long in his own little bubble since his arrived in Seattle. Sheridan is good with any plot, if you need a charming vampire date to throw off people, or a enemy to hate. His open to everything.

Andrew Piecre-21, Mage. Still an up and coming artiest under Sheridan. Still spending most of his time in the studios, and advertising on radios, guest appearances, and opening acts, but not as much. With his first professional Cd ready to go, along with his recent advancements in his studies of magic, and Andrew's understanding that there is danger out there. Sheridan allowed him more freedom, even let Andrew have only one bodyguard instead of his usual two.
Seeking: Seeking other Mages, and magic users to expand his own knowledge of the arts, and a few roadies aren't bad either. His young still only twenty-one in so many areas, but mature in others because of his raising on the street. He already has a wrap sheet, so if you need a bad boy to have your back you have one.

Sophia A. Anne-29, Hyena. Only goes by her middle name Alex. This little lady use to take the lickens’ and now dishing them out, but not as an Alpha in Clan, but as a Mercenary. No job is too small as long as they pay well and fit into Alex’s code’s and conduct. Other than being a Merch, and an Alpha. Alex is your typical Tomboy, that have few girly moments that also does porn on the side.
Seeking: One of everything, still brand new to the area, and only know two people in the whole city. If you can get past her sharp tongue, quick witt. You have made a friend for life.

Ash Blackthorn-27. Cheetah.Not really new in town, but doesn’t have a history in it either; Left before trouble found him. Now back for good it seems because of trouble in Cal. His got a job recently at Five Shades Darker as there Bouncer. On his off days you can find him in his apartment training, or sleeping as a giant Cheetah in his bed, or down at the Pit scooping out the competition.

Seeking: one of everything, haven't used him yet, but he gets along pretty well with everyone since his the quiet type, and listens, and watches more then anything else.

Daniel. 21. Werewolf. Danver and so much more A submissive werewolf that was just so lucky to be out in the ocean when Shiloh and her court attacked Venice. The attack did more then just solidify people's fear and respect for her. It freed Daniel from his abusive Pack. There's been things done to and Daniel forced to do that he can't or may not ever get over with, but that's alright. It can stay buried in his closet already filled with a very dark, big skeleton. Again that's alright. You would never notice. Daniel puts on a damn good show with jokes, laughs and sarcasm to cover up his wounds.

Daniel is not just the jokester or a dancer that melds many styles into his own. Daniel is a fisherman that specialize in deep diving fishing. A profession and skill that for as long as they could remember was pass down from parent to children in the Fischer's line. It goes to say that Daniel doesn't just love fishing, and boats, but the water as well. He lives on it in his house boat that his father bought him. So you might find him if his not somewhere dancing at his home on the ocean.

Seeking:Friends, pack memebers that can help him heal the wounds his last pack made, a dancing crew, hot muscians, boyfriend/girlfriend eventually.

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