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 Posted: Feb 18 2013, 12:04 AM

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Thought it was about time I made one of these up. smile.gif Throw me any ideas you want for plotting fun, post ideas here or PM any of my accounts, I get emails for them all.

user posted image Vengadise Winters - Belle Morte Vampire - 113 - Profile
Owning and managing Hotel Dusk, her girlfriend and pomme Tabatha moved in to the hotel with her son when the pack self-imploded. Apart from the hotel and recently setting up a deal with Sheridan for guests associated with his artists performances to stay, she doesn’t have a lot happening in her world at the moment.

user posted image Cameron Nelson - Alpha Wolf - 40 - Profile
This guy, on the other hand, has a lot going on in his mind right now. Moved over from his native New York to work at the hotel for Ven as her friend, the pack drama shook him when he was involved with the attack on the pard. After that his uncooperative teenage daughter was sent over by his ex-wife without his knowing to be under his watch, and then finally on top of that he’s expecting a baby with Aria.
Needs: Guy friends, drinking buddies, someone else with their own problems and dramas so he doesn’t feel like it’s only him with his.

user posted image Isobel Nelson - Human - 19 - Profile
Packed over to her dads side of the country because her mom thought she was getting into trouble back home, Is wasn’t so sure when she first arrived in Seattle. But after scoring a trial job as a stylist for Celeste’s magazine and finding out the city has no less temptations than home, if she sweeps under the rug the fact that her father’s just knocked his ‘girlfriend’ up, she’s realising it isn’t such a bad place to be.
Needs: Friends her age, industry friends, people to party and let loose with, maybe someone to lead astray or be led astray by, probably someone to tell her the hard truth and/or to suck it up.

user posted image Anders Williamson - Wolf - 20 - Profile
A local guy, Anders was out of the loop with the supernatural community until he was infected at the infamous Halloween reading. With learning the ropes he fell head over heels for his mentor and friend Kylee, and they're now engaged and living in his too-small family home with parents and three siblings. He thinks he wants to teach or something to do with helping people, but he's not entirely decided yet and hasn't enrolled in any schooling.
Needs: Friends in and out of the pack, possibly guidance on what the hell he should do with himself.

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