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 Posted: May 15 2012, 4:43 PM

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Shiloh Master of Seattle
Always available for anything Court-related, and the fact that she's so often tied to her office makes her actually kind of easy to get a thread going with--anybody can make an appointment.

Shiloh's well-entrenched as a Master, with an animal and human servant she's marked just in the past year. She has some very quiet ambitions that are coming into play lately. Strong shifters and liberal-minded vampires might want to get in on the ground floor.

Seeking: A majordomo, a secondary bodyguard, a new pomme de sang.


Miri Hughes Faeblood, Servant

A wild child in the middle of growing up. Exiled from her home in the sithens, Miri's the guardian of the waters around Seattle and has a special bond with the merfolk in the area.

Now marked as Shiloh's human servant, Miri is causing a certain amount of gossip in town by continuing a relationship with the mage Jared Kirby. She acts as Shiloh's emissary to the spookier bits of Seattle society, while her counterpart Eli does better with purely human society.
Seeking: Court buddies, merfolk to hang with, a best friend.


Rin Cooper Jaguar Alta, Executioner, Cook
Outgoing, bossy, terrifyingly confident, Rin will talk to anybody, anywhere, for any reason. She'll also probably feed them. Unless they're mean, in which case she'll shoot them.

Rin owns Winchesters, she's the head executioner in the area, and she's the leader of the local jaguar sault. Makes her easy to find a reason to talk to.
Seeking: A best friend, a cooking buddy, an apprentice (in the kitchen or with executions)


Alain Coulson Sparrow, Tailor
Alain's been alone with his grief for a long time now. He really needs a reason to come out of it. It's extremely rare for me to set up a character this way, but this man needs to fall in love.

He needs other things to bring him out of his funk, too. Friends, a project, a protege. His prey nature makes him better with humans than shifters.
Seeking: Friends, employees, somebody to take care of, somebody to take care of him.


Wil Croft Rat, Pomme, Guard
Lover and pomme to Drew Carmichael, one of the mid-level players at Court, Wil and Drew are (through a complicated series of events) raising an infant foundling and an twelve year old girl, so hanging with other parents is always good for him.

Wil's another outgoing one, he'll talk to anybody. He'd be a good choice to teach someone who was hesitant to learn about basic combat techniques, if they could clear it with Garrett first, of course.
Seeking: Parent-friends, sparring partners, something or somebody to spur him to admit that he's thinking of trying to rank.


Diana Vampire, Porn Queen
Almost, not quite, completely wrapped up in her photography and her site. Di makes a great buddy, a loyal friend, and an indifferent enemy.

Di's highly sexualized and many (most) of her photo shoots turn to sex, either between the models or with her involved. Through her pomme and primary lover and model, Hunt St. James, she's taken on a political asset in the form of the local group of avian shifters. She doesn't lead them, and has never met several of them, but she's their political protector and it's got her playing the games of the Court for the first time in years. The more so as she sets herself up to openly defy the swan's king and declare Seattle a free zone for the birds.
Seeking: Friends, lovers, models, drinking buddies (take that however you will).


Ash Garrett Pyrokinetic, Architect, Builder
The Rat King's wife is a new mother, and is currently juggling work, baby, husband and Clan with an adeptness that comes from being possessed of boundless energy and a very good domestic staff.

She owns a small architecture firm and runs her own crew of builders, acting as general contractor for special projects. She's often hiring for construction, and is often found checking up on any members of the Clan who might need a little extra mothering. One might think that the rough-and-tumble rats would resent being fussed over by a girl in her mid-twenties, but frankly few of them manage to hold her at arm's length. She's just too good at it.
Seeking: Friends, employees, clients, rat buddies, people to mother.


Joseph Kinapak Bear, Radio Host
Called down from Alaska as part of some mysterious political deal with Shiloh, Joseph acts as mentor/leash-holder/lover to Colin, Shiloh's pet monster and sociopathic torturer. It seems like an odd position for somebody as friendly and laid-back as Joseph, but then he doesn't really seem like the type to be a classical radio DJ either, and yet he's the afternoon drivetime host for the local Classical station.
Seeking: Friends, other bears, a girl to take with him to high-profile fundraising events.


Janos Marić Hyena, Executive Assistant

Having been traded to the Clan several months ago from his former position as Shiloh's majordomo, Janos has turned out to be remarkably loyal and surprisingly useful as Garrett's assistant. He runs the King's household and business affairs with a diffident ease that kind of freaks people out sometimes. He's also recently opened 439, a pub/sports bar that's rapidly become a primary rat hangout in town.

In the recent conflict, Janos was inured badly enough that even with shifter healing he now needs a wheelchair to get around. He manages, with the help of his boyfriend, Jesse Davenport, and his younger sister Ekaterina, who is also au pair to Garrett and Ash's son, but there's no pretending that it's not a struggle.

Seeking: Rat friends, employees at his bar, help in healing.


Ben Morrow Leopard, Blues Man
A snarky Brit with a secret-ish past and more charm than is good for him. At the age of almost-forty Ben's finally growing up. He's owning up to his shit, he's taking a more active role in the pard. One of these days he might even admit to himself that he's probably an alpha.
Seeking: Musicians to jam with, people who see through his crap.


Jack Meyers Rat, Artist, Head of Security

Still recovering from a night in the tender care of a skilled torturer, Jack has lost a lot of what he thought defined him, and is still learning that he hasn't lost it all.

He was raised in Seattle's Clan and knows a staggering amount about the city and its groups, and when he forgets to feel sorry for himself he can be rather charming.

Now head of security at Madame Rose and one of Adrianna's favorites, he's finally stopped moping around refusing to do anything but still isn't at a hundred percent.

Seeking: Friends, employees at Madam Rose's, somebody to force him to start drawing again.


Tomeo Sato Leopard, Luthier

One of the newest and weakest of the leopards in the city, Tommy has recently rejoined the pard, though still works at Court. His loyalties lie with his cousin Jarvis, his boyfriend Simon and his Raj in that order, and he's always been honest about that.

Quiet, unassuming, but Tommy sees and thinks about everything and it makes him capable of startling moments of perception. Tommy's a good person to meet if you're feeling overwhelmed by monster life.

Seeking: Court friends, a hag, someone who wants to learn his trade.


Fiona Ward Swan, Refugee

Delicate, broken, trying and failing to be brave, Fi is a typical swan in many ways. Most ways, even. On the run from an abusive husband, she's just now figuring out how to live a life again.

One thing she's remarkably good at is analyzing other people's emotional states, she makes a very good sounding board for working out your relationships.

Seeking: A best friend, a job, a divorce lawyer.


Luke Weber Owl, Protector

Self-appointed guardian of the city's avian shifters, Luke's whole life is keeping the birds safe. He's recently been transformed by fae magic into an owl shifter, something nobody's ever heard of outside of legend. It makes him that much fiercer a protector of his birds.

He's good at Court, he's good at healing emotionally damaged people, he's good at being gentle no matter the circumstance. He's bad at wanting things for himself.

Seeking: Someone to take care of him for a damn change. More swans. A friend who doesn't want him to be their emotional rock.


Matheus Amaral Animator, Roastmaster, Servant

Lucien's new human servant came up kind of out of nowhere for a lot of people. He wasn't a player in the town's politics or social scene, wasn't a particularly flashy animator, wasn't anything but a pretty hedonist flirting with the edges of vampire society, at least as far as anybody knew.

Then all of a sudden he was living with Lucien in the vampire's private quarters, and the next thing anyone knew was Lucien's marked servant. Lucien, Indiana, and Matheus all act rather casual about it, as though it were nobody's business but theirs. Which is technically true, but still wildly out of character for Lucien.

Seeking: Drinking buddies, honest friends, somebody who will tell him the truth about himself.


Sam Bianchi Leopard, Photographer

Sam just got back from being dead, and she's still getting her feet under her. It sounds like the opening line of a bad joke, but it's quite true. Returned from death by fae magic and fierce friendship, Sam's trying to figure out whether that puts her under an obligation to do something phenomenal or if she's allowed to just live her life and be happy.

She works for Diana at Darkest Dreaming Studios, spends a lot of time with her pard, and tries to enjoy every moment of her life, as she has better reason than most to know how fragile it can be.

Seeking: A girlfriend, people to have fun with, leopards who don't mope.


Imogen Cross Bladedancer, Broken Doll

After being a human servant for over two centuries, Imogen and her former master's rat servant Dylan managed to survive the vampire's death. But the loss of the marks, combined with several lifetimes' worth of abuse, have left Imogen unable to function normally.

Hesitant, submissive, expecting and in fact begging for sexual abuse and domination, the only time Imogen isn't cowering or clinging is when she has a sword or knife in her hand. Her magic manifests through her weapons, and the whispering girl is deadlier than most can even imagine.

Seeking: Friendships, someone to either heal or victimize her, a lover, somebody who can show her how to find her own strength.


Kei Doletskaya Prophet, Student

Child of two leopard shifters and one of the group referred to around town as 'those Chicago kids, Kei manifests a remarkably inconvenient version of precognition, wherein he remembers absolutely everything that will ever happen to him or those he pays attention to.

This uncomfortable ability doesn't in the least keep him from being a cheerful little snot, he works at a human tattoo parlor as a piercer and attends school part-time for no particular degree.

Seeking: A girlfriend, a reason to take things seriously.


Lexi Hoeschlin Animator, Runaway

A young animator, strong enough that people around her whisper the word 'necromancer' without wanting to say it aloud, Lexi has spent most of her life as a commodity to be owned and passed around. Most recently she lived as part of a deeply secret military unit made up of shifters and other preternaturals, hidden like the dirtiest kind of secret while isolated from the outside world.

She's on the run from her former unit and found sanctuary with the rats. She lives with Van Esposito, one of the only friends she's ever had, and tries to keep her head down as best she can.

Seeking: Friends her own age, a sense of security.


Ryan Kolesar Rat, Practical One

Another of those difficult Chicago kids, Ryan is inching his way up the political ladder of the Clan, working not to a leadership role but one as an advisor. Calm, phlegmatic, and capable, Ryan is the answer to the problem of 'too many chiefs'.

Seeking: Rat buddies, a girlfriend, political insight.


Owen Moore Ratkin, Guiding Star

Owen and his brother Rhys have been on the run for years, and are just now trying stop running. Ratkin because of his brother and Garrett's forbearance, Owen has a psychic ability that he (and everyone who knows it) keeps a deep, dark secret at all times. His ability to locate literally anything on earth given the right kind of information is too valuable not to be dangerous, even as it occasionally has some pretty phenomenal upsides.

Seeking: Friends, a girlfriend, somebody to guide him through starting his first year of college.


Bobby Riley Rat, Surgeon

Newly arrived from Boston, along with his brother Wil, Bobby took over as head of the local monster hospital when Harrison retired a couple of months ago. The rat doctor is cranky, distant, quick to criticise and threaten violence against his own staff and a complete softy underneath it all.

Seeking: People besides his brother to open up to. Adoptees.


Evelyn Simons Rat, Violinist, Student

Daughter of Chicago's Rat King and a born rather than infected shapeshifter, Evie represents power in a number of different ways. Luckily, she's also conscientious, protective of her Clan, and genuinely kind despite the sharp knives and sharper tongue.

She's taken on the role of sheltering and mentoring Dylan and Imogen, as well as helping out with Gaelen and Gavin Howe. Between that, school, Clan duties, and practicing her craft she doesn't have a whole lot of social life.

Seeking: A social life.


Alice Vance Human, Storyteller

A film student, Alice's real love is the twice-weekly podcast, 'The Quest for the Golden Trope' that she and her friends put out. A takeoff of 1930s and 1940s serials, with the characters moving through the settings of and interacting with the characters in popular modern fiction, the podcast has a fair following for being as small-time as it is, and is gaining popularity all the time.

Alice has no strong ties with the local monster community, but is probably inevitably going to find herself tangled up with it. This is Seattle, after all.

Seeking: Friends, book-buddies, people interested in working on the podcast, sponsors, a protector as she moves through the monster world.

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Lily Mason
 Posted: May 15 2012, 6:04 PM

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I wanna play! I wanna play! I love Briar-kids! Here's a few ideas:

Shiloh & Semira: It could be interesting to see how the Master of the City bounces off the new animator in town. Semira needs a few contacts if she's gonna get a business off the ground.

Rin & Semira: She'd be interested in training as an executioner, not to mention she might be interested in taking some cooking lessons from her.

Alain & Semira: Yes, another one with her. Semira can be very mothering in nature, so seeing this sad little bird might kick those instincts into high gear and make her start fussing over him.

Wil & Trish: Definite sparring buddies and, given their mutual connection to the Clan, she'd probably be a good person to spur him into admitting that pesky ambition.

Shiloh & Trish: Figured I might as well offer even though Shiloh's proclaimed that Trish is to be "uncorrupted". She adores Shiloh despite her moments of jealousy and would love to serve as her pomme or something else close to her.

Diana & Vaarin: I've already offered him up as a model, but he could be a pomme since his vampire friend, Sadie, has been moving on to stronger meals (it was more like a fling with blood, anyway).

Miri & Vaarin: He's a mer for her to hang out with. He's not really doing much lately and could use someone to spend time with who's not weirded out by his speech or odd mannerisms.

Diana & Suki: Another one I've offered up as a model, and Suki's a nicely-trained pet who will do just about anything someone stronger asks her to. Yeah, she's a bit damaged, but she works well and can handle rough play.

I would list more, but I don't wanna steal all your kids. Just pop me a PM to any account or reply here and we can see if we can set some things up!

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Teagan Foley
 Posted: May 30 2012, 8:05 PM


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Alright, time to whore Teagan out like the relentless pimp I am.

Of all your characters, Teagan is certain to know at least two of them - namely, Shiloh and Miri, both for obvious reasons. Since Shiloh has been keeping his forest from being logged and developed he's certain to be loyal and grateful to her, and I believe he'd have a strong personal liking for her as well, though getting him to come to Moons would be like pulling teeth - cities, skyscrapers, elevators...nawp, en't cool. They might have known each other for as long as forty years, as that's about how long he's actively been a guardian. Let me know if you have any ideas for them.

As for Miri, they're both guardians of two vital aspects of the same ecosystem - I'm sure they're at least aware of each other. He never had any extended contact with the Courts or much time spent in their realm, so he doesn't have a strong basis in their lifestyle, but he does adhere to the Seelie philosophy by and large - not sure if that would cause conflict with her Unseelie heritage, but there it is. I feel like he'd find her odd, as they come from different upbringings and points of view, but interesting and likeable.

Aside from those two, any shifters who Run in the woods might have run into him, and he's just flighty enough for chance encounters with just about anyone - he doesn't exactly have a routine. On a side note, he adores pregnant women - the entire concept of creating and lifebringing enchants him, and he tends to fawn over women with child that he meets. Ash doesn't seem like she spends much time out in nature with her busy schedule, but I thought I'd put it out there.

End rant.

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 Posted: Jun 2 2012, 6:21 PM

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I’ve had time to think about these but there are probably going to be more. So I’ll Im you or vice versa.

Sheridan & Shiloh: I’ve been thinking of a thread for these two for Sheridan to ask for her new shifter toy on a platter, or at least get even for what his done to Cynthia. I haven’t thought of a good opening just yet, but *shrugs* it’ll happen. Whatever happens, happens.

Alex & Shiloh: I have in mind later when we have more Hyenas, and Alex has grown more and accepts more responsibilities. She comes to Shiloh for help to set up her Clan, in return join her Court. Maybe Shiloh could point her toward Janos.

Ash &Shiloh: Later I’m going to have some drama drop in Ash’s lap with the were his running from, to pop up and cause trouble for Ash and Tansy. Becoming the court’s pet is one of the last things he wants to happen, but he would do anything to avoid putting Tansy in danger.

Andrew & Rin: I could see these two being best friends, she could even teach Andrew a few things in the kitchen since he can’t cook worth a damn

Alex & Rin: Working buddies, and besties of course. Alex is a Merch, this line of work makes a lot of enemies, and friends. Rin could become one of her friends that she can get infor from, and give infor to about Rogue Vampires in the area if she’s heard anything about them. I can also see training buddies, going to the gym, jogging in the forests, practicing fighting hand to hand or claw to claw.

Alex & Alain: I can see them trying to make something work out, but end it and just becoming friends. She’s out going and a smart ass to everyone. She can most likely get him out of his funk and drive him crazy at the same time.

Alex &Wil: Besties all the way, hell even fuck buddies from time to time if his allowed, a sparring partners, and a friend to bounce ideas, and thoughts that he might not be able to tell to others. Alex would be his child’s Aunt if he wants her to be or not.

Andrew & Wil: Party buddies for now, later on I have planned for Andrew to get into some trouble with some shifters or Vampires and get beaten bad, and that makes him want to take up hand to hand fighting and learn a thing or two.

Ash & Wil: Sparring buddies, since both of them have similar jobs, and goes to the Pit. He could back Wil into going up in Ranks.

Alex & Diana: I want to set something up for her to be one of her Porn stars on the side. Other than that I got nothen.

Sheridan & Diana: When Sheridan gets set up with his Studio’s his going to need someone to direct videos, and do photo shoots. Who better than the Porn queen. Friends defiantly

Andrew & Miri: Fuck buddies defiantly from their reaction to each other in Pulse, then when the lust dies down I was thinking Andrew could adopt feelings for Miri’s wellbeing and grow to care and love for her, even if she doesn’t care for him. I was also thinking something of a teacher since she seems to know what true names can do, and that’s Andrew’s area of magic, but above all else someone to keep her out of trouble when his in town.

Alex & Janos: I would like Janos to be Alex’s second in command when and if Alex becomes Oba in the clan, if that’s possible. Before that someone to teach her what it means to be a Hyena shifter within a normal clan. Most of all Something about him just screams rock for Alex to scream to when she’s had enough for the day.

Alex & Matheus: These two could be twins, I can see these two as drinking buddies, and friends defiantly.

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Jade Castillo
 Posted: Jun 2 2012, 7:13 PM

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May as well throw some things out there. I will try desperately not to hog.

Xiomara & Shiloh: I'd like to set up a link here, a loyalty, think up some reasons for Shiloh to bestow the power boost upon Xiomara that she so desperately wants and needs.

Sloan & Rin: Sloan is guarded, confident, and not always the easiest to relate to. But, she's tough enough to roll with Rin, and being a born and bred Italian woman she does know her way around the kitchen. Ties with the Third to Collin's Second, added bonus?

Wil & Heera: Sparring buddies, if nothing else, and she's not afraid to smack him upside the head and get him to take the next step in the Clan.

Quinn & Diana: The pomme position interests me, and she's itching for some girl-love. Possibly a model at some point? Loose ideas, just looking for a place for Quinn to fit.

Ash & Heera: Heera lacks a mother figure, and is looking to reacquaint herself with her heritage. She's already accepted Ash with open arms, and won't be shy about supporting her when the time comes that she needs it.

Miri & Vanora: Vanora is finally showing her face again. She's here to use as you like.

Ben... : I'm still pining over Ben. Little relevance, but I haven't given up hope. wink.gif

Jack & Heera: She wants to force him to pull himself out of this rut he's living in. Potential for whatever interests you here.

Fiona & Cee: Best friend. I think it's a good fit, and Cee needs one just as much as Fi does. We can see how Fi takes to her when she comes for dinner?

Luke & Cee: These two will be good for each other, looking forward to seeing how things pan out. Once this thread finishes, Im up for another.
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 Posted: Jun 16 2012, 7:48 AM

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let's see here... just a few ideas on who might work together
  • FOR BAE...
    - Aria Zayne obviously for her magical habits. Not sure if they would have more in common after that but there is nothing wrong with throwing them together and seeing how it goes.
    - Tristan Cair would be interested in his weapons, and might see if there is a price Bae is willing to give them up for. Also watching the ritual would be something he would be interested in.
  • FOR RIN...
    - for some reasons Jarvis comes to mind. I think he might have a little bit of a crush on her, just for the pure reason she seems to have it all and has found a balance. Nothing to dangerous or creepy, but yeah it's there
  • FOR DIANA...
    - Evelyn Zulieka seems like an obvious match for her, but then again the most obvious never seem to stick to well together in this world. She definitely has the strong submissive/masochistic tendencies there but doubt she would be focused enough for the pomme de sang role
  • FOR ASH...
    - Kari Amos could be a good friend to her I think. being part of the clan, they are bound to know each other. And Kari could use some solid advice about her relationship with Donovan.
    - Audrey Wyatt would be more of an acquaintance then a real friend around the clan compound, and I think Ash probably won't approve of him much, especially if she knew what he was like once he got out into the city. but while on duty he is a good rat and she needs to respect that effort.
  • FOR JANOS...
    - Cynthia Tempest is the obvious choice here for him if he is looking for work related buddies, especially after she leaves Moons (which will eventually happen). I think Cynthia will have a hard time letting it all go and having Janos around will make give her the excuse to make sure everything is still running smoothly
  • FOR BEN...
    - Jarvis Miksa has been assigned to Ben for mentoring, and I think they could develop a good friendship, even if Jarvis is sometimes a bit high strung, considering the age gap between them.
    - Sydney Tanner is the other local pard musician, so I can totally see them jamming together and she might even learn a thing or two about sharing the performance space
    - Grant Rieban should probably have a chat with him one of these days. being Ursa comes with responsibility and all that jazz right? grant could use the socialization anyway
  • FOR JESSE...
    - Aubrey Wyatt is a loud idiot who needs some entertainment. not sure how they would actually click but I think they might work as bar buddies, getting into stupid fights at bars over pool and illegal gambling. Aubrey only behaves while he is on the compound, which might be a hard thing for Jesse to understand
    - Ivonka Yesfa is a dominant woman, and being a lion they come from the same kind of landscape.... but getting her out of the pit and out in the open might be more work then she is worth... hmm

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