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Posted by: David Flannery Feb 17 2013, 7:52 PM
David Craig Flannery

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Wereleopard . 33 . Police Detective

Who are you?
    Name's David, pard leopard, semi-closeted at work. Closeted-leopard, not closeted-gay. Straight, just to be clear. Been a detective for nine months, my transfer to RPIT just came through. Probationary basis, if I fuck up I'm out on my ass, but frankly that's been my entire career. Not stressing it too bad.

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What do you want?
    To make this work. The job and the pard, both. My pard's been fucked for years, and not a damn thing I can do about it. I'm submissive, strong sub but it's been ten years and I've never got past it, don't expect it to change.

    The truth? I'm more worried about the pard than the job, at least right now. When Ruth came in, I thought he'd make it right. And the guy tried, he really did. All the shit he hd to overcome, I'm amazed he did as much as he did. And now Collin's in, and I'm not sure. He seems to be starting well, and he talks a good game. I guess I'm sorta reserving judgment, but I'm hoping he can pull it off. Or, you know, we can.

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Why are you here?
    My dad was a cop. Both his brothers and one of his sisters are cops. Both my grandfathers were cops. Far as I know, their fathers were cops. To here my folks tell it, Flannerys and Zurowecs (my Mom's side) have been cops since Noah stepped off the Ark. I never wanted to be anything else.

    Got infected when I was a rookie, bad blood transfusion after I got mauled by a dog at the scene of a domestic. Pretty fuckin' ironic, right? I get bit by a dog, come down with cat lycanthropy. I love showing people my infection scars.

    Anyway, time was that'd have been the end of my career, but Shiloh stepped in. Not for my sake, I'd never met her. But apparently she decided that it was the right time to push the issue of lycanthrope rights and she pulled some strings. Right place, right time. Or something. So I'm not technically out in the department, but I haven't met someone who didn't know it in years. It's Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

    RPIT was always the goal. I've been working my way that direction since infection. The week I made detective, I submitted my first transfer request. Last month, I got the word that it's been approved. Just waiting on the last of the paperwork to go through.

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Where are you going?
    Hopefully into a brave new world or some shit. By way of Winchesters.

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  • Player Name: Briar
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Posted by: Briar Feb 17 2013, 8:06 PM
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